Ryokan Media and Management Internship Form

Terms and Conditions for the internship

1. Time period: 2 months
2. Unpaid. An internship Certificate and Letter of Recommendation will be given at the end of the internship period.
3. If the intern continues in the company after 2 months then he/she will be promoted to the main team. Can also be promoted to the main team in the middle of the internship period if the Founding Team is impressed with the work.
4. Once promoted to the main team then the regular monthly salary will be given every month whatever amount is decided.
5. Training sessions will be taken and regular meetings will also be conducted.
6. Dedication and Punctuality are the Two main and compulsory qualities required.
7. The intern or the company are free to cease the employment at any time, with or without cause.-

I agree to all the terms listed above and have no issue with any of those
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